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Within Vancouver, BragDeal Inc. is one of the leaders in web design, branding, marketing, and SEO solutions as well as business consulting and improvement. With over 40 years of combined staff experience in the design, web development, and marketing fields, we are proud to have a work flow system in place that is both efficient and reliable. We work closely with each one of our customers and create a plan that brings results. We provide one on one customer service where we learn about your ideas, needs, and specifications. Our goal is to create custom designs, which are both unique and modern, and strive for a delivery that exceeds expectations.

Our expertise in web design and marketing fields will help your company with anything from lead generation to custom requests. Using the latest resources, we provide the best user experience for your website on the market. We always strive to perfect every project as we know how important a website is for any business. A good website design will be nice to have, but a great one will be noticeable. Just imagine people talking about your company's website when you are not even around. Each project always goes through a full quality check as it is our mission to ensure that your business growth. We are proud to guarantee you having an amazing front page. Existing customers benefit from ongoing consultations and maintenance services.
Web Developer DAN B.Founder / Web Developer
• Web Developer
• UX / UI Specialist, B.Sc.
• SEO Consultant
• Marketing Strategist

An entrepreneur at heart, Dan developed BragDeal Inc. to what it is today. His love for innovation, exploring new things, and strive on beating any challenges that may come his way, are the heart of the business. Dan has a wide variety of skill sets. From a tech savvy personality, to being a people person, a problem solver, a great listener, and an amazing leader who has enthusiasm and motivation.
Web Designer STAN Y.Web Designer
• UX / UI Specialist
• Brand Designer
• Design Prototyping

Stan has the ability to create unique designs that will "wow" with every execution. His attention to detail is portrayed through the use of effective design concepts. Stan is truly passionate about web design. Every project brings Stan a challenge to come up with a new style, and he never disappoints.
Graphic Designer YANA L.Graphic Designer
• Graphic Designer
• Commercial Artist
• Typography Specialist

Yana is our eye for perfect designs. Her 5 years of Typography experience plays a large role in each website design project. She has a talent of seeing the smallest details that help line up the vision for the brand. Yana's knowledge and design skills tie in with the marketing aspect for each project. Her ability to create "wow" designs really capture the viewers attention. We can confidently and humbly say that Yana is most likely among the top designers in Vancouver.
Technical Designer JANICE A.Content Writer
• Professional Writer
• Blogger
• Transcriber
• SEO Content Analyst

Janice is a professional writer who is flexible and willing to adjust as per each project's requirements. Janice brings a professional approach for every project, but he also brings personality. You can be sure the final product will keep your customers engaged. Janice focuses on capturing the readers attention in that first few sentences, as their time is valuable and they move on quickly if they don't find what they're looking for.
Technical Designer IGOR B.Technical Designer
• Mechanical Engineer
• 3D Modeller
• Engineering Consultant
• Floor Plan Drafter

Known as an Electro-Mechanical Designer and Developer, Project and Business Management, and a MechanicalEngineer (EIT) recognized by APEGBC. Igor is a resourceful problem solver, conceptual thinker, analytical and engineering skills to deliver large projects on schedule and within a set budget. Igor has an extensive experience in R&D, new product introduction, hardware design, production, and marketing of the electrical and mechanical equipment. He is a hands-on manager, team player and builder with strong documentations and reporting skills.
Technical Designer CARRIE L.Voice Talent
• Professional Voiceover
• Video Script Preparation

Carrie brings her Voice Talent with over 15 years of experience. Carrie always delivers high quality audio and can adapt her voice to fit the video requirements. Her ability to create a real, sincere, friendly, reliable, efficient, and excited feel, makes the video stand out and capture attention. Carrie is extremely passionate about her craft and treats every project with professionalism.
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