How Responsive Mobile Design Increases Conversion

The past couple of years saw a decline in sales of laptops and computers, and a rise in tablets and mobile devices. One reason for this is that people are slowly preferring to browse the mobile versions of their favorite websites. The success of these often-visited websites is due to their mobile responsiveness. With this phenomenon, one can say that one of the most prevalent web design trends 2018 is having a responsive site, which can easily convert website traffic. Before you say, "What are mobile website design companied near me?", read up some more below on how responsive design on mobile devices increases conversion.

Comfort and Convenience

The reason as to why the best web design trends 2018 emphasizes on responsive design is that this format of viewing and interacting with websites are more comfortable and convenient for mobile visitors. Compare to desktop design sites, there is no need to zoom in or move the page across its sides in order to see specific content. Everything has been scaled down so both text and images (including buttons) are easy for the mobile visitor to see, read, and tap.

Characteristics of Responsive Web Design

How can one tell if a mobile website has good, responsive design that can convert website traffic? As a general definition, a mobile website that is responsive is able to adapt and adjust to various factors such as screen size, device, and resolution. The layout changes based on who is visiting, which is a big factor in its user friendliness.

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Advantages of Responsive Design

There are very valid reasons as to why responsive design has so many staunch supporters and has made it to the top web design trends 2018. These include:
  • Future-friendly. It is easier to adapt to changes with responsive website design so you can continue to convert website traffic.
  • Single content. You only have one content body to manage, which will assure you of content parity.
  • Better brand experience. Designing for responsiveness highlights your brand because you strip the features down to what's really important while considering the best aesthetics, features, and content that places your brand front and centre.
  • Social media friendliness. Because responsive web design is the preference of mobile visitors (who also happen to make up the larger part of social media users), you can be sure that they will be more likely to interact with and share your content across a variety of platforms.

5 Things to Note for Better Responsiveness

When you ask yourself, "Which mobile website design companies near me can help make my website more responsive?" you might want to consider these five things:
  1. Focus on the essentials. Always review your content so you are assured that what your mobile visitors are seeing are what they are really looking for. Any more than that and they might click X. Always make your value proposition first priority, which is a statement that will explain how the product or service you are offering can solve problems and deliver benefits.
  2. Make your Call to Action prominent. This literally means making the CTA button a large one, so your visitors can click on them right away. On a mobile device, ensure that your CTA button is large and has a quick message that on-the-go users can quickly pick up and process.
  3. Utilize videos and photographs. Even the most streamlined text can get boring after some time, so do make things refreshing and attractive with photographs and videos that communicate your message.
  4. Go easy on the forms. Long forms are sure to kill conversions for both desktop sites and especially on mobile. If your form is too long, people on mobile devices can and will experience some sort of discomfort in filling them out. Your goal is for them to complete the form so you can secure their business - and making an excessively long form will do just the opposite. Review all the fields and ask yourself if each one is absolutely necessary. After all, it is easy to ask for further information with a call or a follow-up through email.
  5. Make use of tabs and expandable content. The best web design trends 2018 always emphasize user friendliness, which also includes a method for structuring information according to the right categories. This will make finding information easier and quicker.

No Better Time Than Now

Revamping your website to give it a more responsive design is something that you should do now. More and more website visits are done on tablets and smartphones, and if you are a business you are missing out on lots of revenues if you do not adapt to fit this trend. While yes, desktops are here to stay - but there is no denying the fact that mobile has gained a massive share in the past couple of years and is turning out to be a new normal for many people (especially the segment that is able to do both work and leisure solely on this platform).

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