Top 6 Predictions for Email Online Marketing in 2018

One of the things that online marketing professionals should make a lot of effort into this year is email marketing. While strategies and techniques change over time depending on customer response and trends, the general rule that one ought to follow is to determine what is most effective at the moment and pour in as much effort as possible to reap the best possible results.

For the year 2018, that avenue is email marketing. In these times where customers prefer and appreciate services that personalize and reach out, it is no wonder that email marketing has proven itself to be an effective agent for lead conversion. The challenge, however, is to understand what works and apply that to your current efforts.

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Here are six things that you ought to know when it comes to email marketing in 2018:

1. Personalization will be the most important thing. While social media marketing and improving SEO ought to be regular parts of your online marketing strategies, personalization via email marketing takes a bigger piece of the pie this year. Individualized experiences sent through email delivers staggering results that cannot be ignored. To be good at this, you need to have a record of past events and actions that you can build on to establish a better and more intimate connection with your clients. Some examples include email reminders about items left in a cart or short suggestions of other items that a certain customer might like based on preferences and purchase history.

2. Marketers will rely heavily on predictive marketing metrics. Easy to measure and takes into account both a group customer's lifetime value as well as that of the individual, you'll have the power to predict which particular groups of subscribers are most profitable will help tailor fit efforts that concentrate on solidifying relationships and generating more ROI from those (including improving SEO and social media marketing).

3. Death of the linear marketing funnel model. Because there are newer and better digital marketing strategies and channels, the "time-tested" model of the marketing funnel does not work like it used to. Now, the name of the game is to focus on the whole customer lifecycle. Here, the focus is on how well you maximize a loyal customer's lifetime value for repeat business instead of generating an x number of one-off purchases. Your online marketing and social media marketing tactics should be about winning a customer many times over.

4. Automated emails for email marketing will be your best friend. Utilizing automated emails puts the power of creating more meaningful email experiences in your hands and with less effort, too. You'll need automation to recognize high-value emails, and don't be surprised to learn that they might account for as little as less than 10% of your entire subscriber base. Fret not though, because this smaller piece of the pie will generate the best profits for you, so you'd best invest most of your time and effort on them.

5. The emergence of a new email marketing automation hybrid. This 2018, CRM, marketing automation and email marketing will meet at a whole new intersection that relies on visual workflows, user friendly marketing tools, and more efficient content creation. What you need to do is to find the best tools for managing your email marketing and includes these three functionalities. You'll enjoy the convenience of drag and drop campaign creations, simple yet effective email builders that are adept at handling dynamic content, and a simpler approach to pulling content from your database or website and inserting them in your email, complete with targeted and personalized messages as well as product recommendations. In the past, these three used to be separate systems that require a certain skill level or degree of familiarity. However, expect more software that incorporates all three into one, spiffy package.

6. Email and online marketing professionals will claim multi-channel experiences as their niche. In the past, marketers busied themselves with improving SEO and creating targeted social media marketing to bring in the business. However, this year's trends will open them up to other profitable aspects of the entire customer lifecycle that they have yet to explore. Today's technologies and corresponding tools will allow marketers to really tap into the lifecycle, and their entry point for doing so is by way of email marketing. The width and breadth of responsibilities that email and online marketing professionals will certainly widen, but the prospect of generating high-value customers over an extended period of time is too good to ignore.

These six predictions on what 2018 will be like for email marketing and beyond certainly paints a more exciting picture of what lies ahead in the coming months. What's left to do now is to find out more about the specific tools and techniques you will need to make the necessary improvements on your current email marketing strategy to begin reaping the rewards!

BragDeal Team