Project Summary

When MyPEAR was ready to launch their online business, they knew BragDeal was the best agency for the job. Our team got to work designing a new website and brand identity. Our focus was on creating an online presence that is professional yet friendly. 

To stand out among the competition and position MyPEAR as the best one-stop-shop for dry eye products, we pulled experts from all departments to create an engaging user experience. We wanted to help MyPEAR present its products in a clean, organized, easy to navigate website. As always, mobile-friendliness was also a must. 

A unique option for MyPEAR required our team to integrate the DEQ5 quiz to help this brand guide and educate users on product options specific to their needs.


Strategy & Planning

Once we met with the administrative team at MyPEAR, our experts had a collaborative meeting to create a strategy that means their goals and needs. We determined a conversion-focused plan was the best way to help this brand grow. 

We combined this strategy with creative website functionality, such as eCommerce capabilities. It was vital to create a website that builds trust and establishes a positive brand reputation as a new brand.


Responsive Mobile Design

Since most online users access websites from their mobile devices, responsive design was crucial. MyPEAR required a fully functional, responsive mobile design to cater to mobile users. With our help, they created an online store that meets users where and when they are ready to shop!

Logo Design

Branding Breakdown

MyPEAR’s goal was to create a modern, professional, and captivating logo that could speak to all audiences. After a collaborative meeting with our team, we added the fun twist they requested. Once our designers got to work, we sketched and refined a new logo that met this client’s vision. The branding strategy for this client was also focused on fitting the health care industry. We took a minimalist approach to help target corporate and modern clients.


Brand Identity

MyPEAR started from the ground up with a vision to position itself as the one-stop-shop for dry eye products. They needed a logo that would be easily recognizable and position them as a professional, expert-recommended product brand. With so many other medical brands on the market, their goal was to create a fun design that was memorable and caught the eyes of potential customers.



ALL Medilazar

Since the brand is targeted towards an audience shopping for eye care products, finding an easy-to-read, clear font was crucial. With many users experiencing vision issues, we went with a text with sharp edges and contrasting shapes to ensure clear visibility on the page.









Our team completed this website design and development and branding strategy project successfully. MyPEAR now has a website that is easy to view for clients with vision impairment. Their engaging online store moves users through the sales funnel, allowing them to search for and purchase dry eye products. The integration of a dry eye quiz was the perfect way to wrap up this project to meet the needs of both the brand and the customers.